Quest for knowledge : 2015 Centenary of General theory of relativity. Gravity still enigmatic!

When entire universe transforms in to mere subatomic suspended particles with no light nor any radiation, the only remainder, (shesha) is gravity in the universe. 

Matter does not get destroyed but gets transformed. 

The fact that mere collection of atomic size matter into molecules and then into globules of mass keeps on increasing the presence of gravity force as we feel but when in particle size apparent indifference by gravity attracts me.

From Bhagavatha the above perception which occurs cyclically 3110400 b years ( solar yrs) truly amazing for me. In between 43.2 b year cycles keep on occurring without total annihilation but kind of hibernation & suspension ...

Well the fact that such numbers and thoughts got conceived hundreds of thousands of years ago, but chronicled aboht 6000 yeears ago and left as record for posterity as knowledge to be known,  truly makes me very diffident to act judgmental on those rishis , with hardly 500 year evolved maths and science still taking faltering baby steps.

But we shd take these scientific steps with humility that we can err.
Einstein  rued quite often at the stupidity of humans.

As Upanishads say those who do not know , don't know they don't know. So act judgmental. Those who know, know they don't know. They keep seeking with humility. 

The quest for knowledge is one single noble characteristic defining human race. 

Hare Krishna!


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