How stupid an educated society can get because of overwhelming influence of greed and ignorance!

Infinite stupidity of humans is truly a wonder of our creation. Ravi and similar honest officers who died earlier need not have died.

The society calling itself as republic follows British colonial practice of secretly interpreting policy or law on file noting, but issue orders for public to follow.

Administrative interest not public interest prevails. Crooks love this. So majority of crooks join govt to abuse power.

Stupidly people think it is right way of governance. In republic citizen should know why or how government order is issued. The interpretation of policy on noting should not remain secret. There is no law that it should be secret. But once marked as secret, it is conveniently brought under Official Secrets Act!

The problem is even if one party feels he was harmed, he cannot go to court for relief, because enough proof of misdemeanor not there. But if noting and interpretation is available, prima facie relief from court, is possible. A stay can then be granted citing prima facie violation of rules as seen on file. Matter of fact, not conjecture.

A RTI does not help here. It has a process and the crook who is in seat of power vitiates the process. By the time one goes through appeals and process for information the damage over.

The balancing of conflicting interests by level playing field becomes reality when noting pages are web posted along with the order. a NGO too can act with full information instead of guessing games, to save public interest.

Public interest is thus brought center stage. In the absence of such need to publish the thinking behind the order, which is kept secret, and even CBI was found to have difficulty recently to get access for coal scam files, crooks enjoy free reign.

So crooks use this to  loot public assets, distribute favors, and generally become rich. They use this power to block or delay  investigations, delay prosecutions, get courts clogged with cases so that they become dysfunctional.

Institutions like CVC, or CBI too become tools of the crooks in govt!

A govt of crooks by crooks for crooks emerge.

A lone honest one comes along, only to die.

 Isn't it stupidity of the educated society who gladly love to be exploited and lament constantly, shed tears blame karma? yes karma it is of ignorant people, who deserve to cry.

Even now surprising, educated elite are not demanding that govt interpretation of law or policy on the noting  while issuing order be made public with order.

After all it is just an executive order and can be done overnight. 

But infinite stupidity seems to paralyze them.  


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