Bibek & die-hard railwaymen!

Always wondered what else can be new ...railwaymen are diehard railwaymen .
Very,very difficult to change even simple services rules or eliminate differential pay scales between services.
Extremely impractical to enforce any kind of accountability as well as trim privileges of vested interests.
But change is in air. 2050 cannot accept our business as usual attitude.
Younger generations today think and act very differently which many of our generation may consider blasphemous.
Either institutions reshape to reform or get dumped by sidelines to be overlooked for sure,either in near future or a little layer with more painful consequences.
What a panel like Bibek can do? What options they have?
One thing I am sure is rky men cannot hope to live with business as usual attitudes.
Change and reform is inevitable.
One thing I am sure rly men indulge in needless Brownian motion kind of work ethics following manual administrative dismissive attitudes of authoritarian nature, technology abhorred because it entails change.
Technical cadres who refuse to even keep in touch with what they learned at graduate level , more general administrators and trained to avoid vigilance and audit traps and manage political mine-traps excel.
This must change.
Corporatisation  is not new to rlys.
With creation of RITES decades back we led.
We have now a dozen of them
Even operational rly like Konkan Railway has added in valuable insights in to how PSU can run railway.
The creation of DMRC shows how outside rly ministry ,railway can be managed effectively.
So we cannot more frighten the Parliament or govt everything will collapse if you do not take my way.
Bibek gave a via media practical way of govt owned corporations and SPV to restructure. This is practical.
We should examine how we can improve on this model.
Shall we provide stakes to NFIR and AIRF in some proportion as skill capital valued and treated as equity from them?
Similarly for FROA too?
What is wrong in corporatising medical and health services? Still a govt PSU.
Similarly all real estate associated with residential accommodation. We can have a separate company.
More important that costs are kept down by legally allowing them to have tax concessions via a visit local bodies., just like existing rys.
No need to become emotional.
Even salary and pension schemes of Konkan Railway are exactly same as railwaymen , though ,a PSU! One of my tiny contributions fighting Fin Min.
So this precedence can sooth any I'll feelings against corporatisatio.
Pray , pause ,and think over coolly. 


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