Black holes and I

Black holes attract and very difficult not to say something. And every one has own conjecture and there is none who went there and come back to tell us whose conjecture is right.
Recently as part of educating myself about my past.  I am trying to understand what ancient thinkers said about our universe.
In Chandogyapanishat which I heard over 6months ...only one round complete, so cannot claim deep knowledge.
However, my current understanding is in physical form as we have today whether human or material , none can travel the spatial distances and realms out there.
In sub atomic form it seems each of us do travel and mind you,  we are as indestructible and ancient as the Maker Himself!
Well it looks like out there there is a spatial location Sankarshana-Sankarshana where force of attraction reverses. It is kind of null point.
Then if thrown upwards ( more a kind of direction to understand for us) I enter a another world or different worlds full of light, and keep on rising just as we keep on falling on earth if released from a height.
But if thrown downwards , then I end up falling into darker and darker realms,  pitch dark with no light escaping nor existing.
Relative to solar time we have on earth planet , the highest lighted lokam Satya lokam one second is equal to 100,000 years on earth.
This light has no heat in these realms.
Well....conjecture if you think, looks more integrated and appreciable for the grandeur of thought and mathematical perception by our ancients.
I have fallen in love now.
Hawking is just a kid with his bits and pieces of conjectures, but highly respected. By the by I did read all his publications and his belief too that gravity alone qualifies to be called God, if at all God exists.  It's OK. Our ancients called gravity Sankarshana ...boundless force field causing attraction force between various cosmic bodies.
What is universe outside,  exists within atomic space in one's own body. This construct of Upanishads is truly amazing !
Limitation of physical senses and physical sciences is well recognised by our ancients and power of thought and contemplation emphasised to reach frontiers of truth.
I did like the eight forms in which one should contemplate on the Creator
Satyam, Vignaanam, Mati, Shraddha, Nishta, Kriti, Sukham, Bhuma
These words have many orders more deeper meaning than what one with normal perception realise.
Ultimately answers and truth lie within own chitta and dhyana after study of Upanishads is the only way ...not in blind superstitious behaviour nor in physical sciences.
Hare Krishna
Rajaram Bojji  FNAE
Hyderabad.  cell: 9885700007


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