Innovation & mediocricy

We won't change nor the world.

The herd mentality to block unusual or out of the way behaviour or thinking is natural self survival instinct.

Since majority is mediocre or politely put fall into the middle third ofthe bell curve of IQ distribution, the minority exceptional ones in the extreme tails , get stamped as mavericks at best or mentally unstable.

Society to protect own self from mad cap initiatives, lays down various stages of checks and balances like first peer reviews, which means similar once exceptional talented ones but now survived to occupy respectable posts and so competent to give a seal of approval to try,  then tests and trials to demonstrate and prove after all it is old wine in new bottle and gives the same kick?

For every Pichai or Nadella there are more than ten times talented Indianswho hit glass ceilings in US too!

Luck , the enigmatic factor in reasonably honest systems and sheer hatred and corruption of mind &soul take over , to arbitrarily block and destroy
innovative ones in distorted administration's, despite going through all rational processes.

Reams of paper produced to lament but core is putrid.


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