Machines learning algorithms & humans !

Machine learning algorithms are already working in many areas of human interactions and services. Google servers have been using and improving in the same for quite a few years.
In fact even a small brain of mine produced Anti collision device based on an algorithm I developed which makes the road learning that a driver does, as well as braking skill,  happens by own cognitive skill through this algorithm without human inputs.
Dr Peter Winter , European Professor and expert was summoned by ETCS developers , and he happens to be behind the development of that adv systems, to Railway Board to make me face full Board and Rly Ministers too , to get ACD condemned in favour of ETCS.
In the arguments and debates, when I described the algorithm and how machine learning built in ACD is able to derive braking parameters whatever be the loco and load to decide braking automatically, and how machine learns road and features as a driver learns, and no where human inputs are needed, nor centralised intelligence in a high capacity computers, but uses networked at site of concern , distributed intelligence, almost like ants, Dr Peter admitted ACD is superior in so many ways and admitted ETCS cannot match.
The French Consul flew all the way to Navi Mumbai to meet me to discuss what to do with Euro One billion invested by French company to develop ETCS and whether French govt shd support with grants as they were doing earlier, to protect jobs. He offered to facilitate ceasing ACD work. Well jobs , yes human life depends on disruptive technologies.
The Rly Board shocked, the Ministers pleased they supported me. 
But it is much beyond time for command control system to digest.
Machine learning is a natural evolution. Disruptive technologies emerge.
My likes ,dislikes the Google knows. My habits of going to office or listening to music Google knows. It reminds me without my asking when I shd start for airport. Advises status of flights. Not mine, but also my relations who send simple email advising their programme.
And all this without our asking for it.
It is only a small beginning. But Dr Kak is right. Human society will face much bigger challenges , social, legal ethical in nature apart from being made to feel small before an all encompassing , continuously learning, unforgetting, intelligence based widely spread clouds, practically running our lives.
Matrix movie I loved. May happen . Consciousness shifting to higher realms beyond physical dimensions is the answer.
Hare Krishna!


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