India and Gravity Power: eliminate coal from life!

India can be energy surplus eliminating coal and most of fossil fuels: but what or who is preventing Newton to be believed? It is tantamount to working against the national interest? Pray help poor and common people in every village to have practically free 24/7 eternal gravity power generated electrical energy.

India has 7400 km coast line and mainland has  5000km.

From shallow shore regions the potential for energy generation varies from 100 kw to 1MW per m

in different locations at different times. The typical availability indicated in world research as in figure below.

All over the world the potential is for power generation from shallow region sea waves , aggregated in to gravity power towers and then fed in to electrical grids is indicated as under .

These modules are floating ones without affecting fishing or shore life and eco-friendly. Avoiding marine foundations , the floating systems are elegant on skyline.

The principles are simple Newton”s proven ones, variable transmission gears are practically made , with added intelligence in the gear systems well within capability of Indian IT industry. The to and fro motion of water in shallow wave braking zones drives the power masses to gain potential energy.

Even assuming a low figure of 200kw per lineal meter, though variable , the gravity power towers aggregate the same and a group of such modules deliver steady state power to a gravity power storage of higher capacity which in turn, deliver electrical energy on demand to grid.

Typical gravity power storage is as under.

Pls check the National Geographic Chasing Genius video on Gravity Power House 

In fact in cities every high rise building should be mandated to convert one lift well to be a Gravity power storage tower, to act as peak load feeder or emergency power supplier., integrated with power grid.

We have tremendous opportunity to revolutionise our lives with gravity power.

Over 5000km coastline on mainland , even if we utilise only 2000km we can generate 500,000 MW of power!!! That too at Re1 per unit! As estimated by me. But do your own pilot project --I am not even needed. Indian industry and engineers can easily deliver. Give them an opportunity

.944,850 Gwh is energy produced from coal in 2015-16.

With GPH from coast line of 500km working 360 days a year has 125 GW generation and over 1 million GWh energy per annum can be fed in to the grid.

No coal imports or coal mining and transportation --no risks of boiler failures, logistics--gravity power is easier to maintain with least risk factors.

It is so exciting, that on a war footing this solution is adopted with entire machinery of govt focused on the project.
For a pilot project 

Number of times brought to the notice of the govt Ministries , Power and PMO through tweets. But seems to go down as digital trash.

I personally do not need any thing from the govt. I am not the loser!! Its the nation who is losing.

Royalty loss as revenue to states can be offset by granting the same for coastal GPH utilisation of wave energy---but power at Re1 by itself should generate so much more opportunity to create jobs for the states.

May Hare Krishna grant wisdom to make use of eternal gravity to be change manager for the nation.   

I pray Shri Narendra Modi gets to see this communication. Such sincere committed leader alone can deliver this revolution to get rid of coal !

Paris Conference my paper on Gravity Power APM2011 Peer reviewed published in American Scoiety of Engineers. Geneva too  ! World Intellectual Property Office cleared for International Patenting the Gravity Power Tower. But these IP rights I am making open for the welfare of humanity

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