Rahul Gandhi and Dr Swamy

Well.  Swamy is generally thorough with his documentation and goes step by step, unlike Kejriwal. Now he will first tell Corporate Affairs Min to inquire and come out with a statement. He will then move a court to force the Ministry to file the inquiry report.

Matters of fact and matters of interpretation arise. The former cannot be refuted. Documents stand how ever high a person is. Interpretations become subject of judgment, and once the case is converted as matters of judgment, the administration , loses its grip.

Though the process takes longer, with slow fire burning, without the sparkle of sudden fire works , it becomes a persistent dagger, slowly getting deeper for a person who erred.

I can only pity the young man Rahul, who could have seized the moment offered by Anna at Ramlila, and could have walked to Ramlila and took the center stage with the team and moved positively in the Parliament, the case. He could have become a national hero of youth for that act, which congress could never achieve for him He could have won the UP elections hands down. Anna and Kejriwal would have been left dumb and ineffective.

Whatever happened in Rajya Sabha could still have occured, properly engineered. The situation of not having Lok Pal would have still continued as is happening now. But the young man could have said when he comes to power in 2014, he would certainly cause revolution etc.

Who knows? Horse may fly too. But compared to present bleak picture of congress, he could have been the shining youth hero. Public forget and forgive many a thing in their hero.

In my blogs and Twitter to PMO too, I repeatedly urged in Ramlila agitation days, that Rahul Gandhi should not lose this golden opportunity to hijack the movement smartly and lay foundation for next two decades of Congress rule.

But he did exactly the opposite.He looks so lost now--all charm lost in UP elections. I do pity him.


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